Pouch Cove Volunteer Fire Department

The Pouch Cove Volunteer Fire Department has been providing Fire and Emergency Services, as well as Fire Prevention services to the towns of Pouch Cove and Bauline for 40 years. The department is made up of 40 professionally and highly trained volunteer Fire Fighters, as well as five Junior Fire Fighters.

Our members take part in weekly in-house training as well as training courses that take place around the province from multiple sources on a frequent basis. Members are eligible to receive training to the same level of a professional firefighter in the areas of: Defensive and Offensive Structural Firefighting; Motor Vehicle and Machinery Rescue (including Jaws of Life); Rope (High/Low Angle) Rescue; First Aid; Fire Apparatus Operations; as well as many other disciplines.

The PCVFD is always looking for potential new recruits. If you are interested in applying to volunteer, please contact the Fire Chief at firechief@pouchcove.ca.

Fire Fighters

Position Name
Chief Derek Sullivan
Assistant Chief Todd LeGrow
Fire Prevention Officer Shawn Wall
Captain Robin Gould
Captain Ronedy Ryan
Lieutenant Kirby Legrow
Lieutenant Kyle Kennedy
Secretary Pat Westcott
Treasurer Vern Noseworthy
Position Name
Fire Fighter Andrew Irvine
Fire Fighter Barry Murray
Fire Fighter Brandon Shea
Fire Fighter Clint Rideout
Fire Fighter Cory Wall
Fire Fighter Dez St. Croix
Fire Fighter Glenn Sainsbury
Fire Fighter Jared Lewis
Fire Fighter John Pennell
Fire Fighter Josh Meehan
Fire Fighter Juston Furlong
Fire Fighter Keith Owns
Fire Fighter Leslie Sullivan
Fire Fighter Mark Connors
Fire Fighter Matthew Legge
Fire Fighter Matt Garvin
Fire Fighter Melanie Sullivan
Fire Fighter Mike Noseworthy
Fire Fighter Pat Westcott
Fire Fighter Paul Shea
Fire Fighter Philip Eveleigh
Fire Fighter Jennifer Langmead
Fire Fighter Josh Furlong
Fire Fighter Tyler Jordan
Position Name
Junior Fire Fighter Andrew St. Croix
Junior Fire Fighter Aaron Shea
Junior Fire Fighter Austin St. Croix
Junior Fire Fighter Courtney Moores
Junior Fire Fighter Raymond Langmead
Junior Fire Fighter Zack Wall


Position Name
Firette – President Erica Haley
Firette – Vice President Cindy Haley-Owens
Firette – Secretary Darlene Murray
Firette – Treasurer Jan Reid Eveleigh
Position Name
Firette Josephine Connors
Firette Kim Connors
Firette Pam Shea
Firette Roberta Noseworthy
Firette Mona Jordan
Firette Ashley Legrow
Firette Jennifer Noseworthy
Firette Mary Noseworthy
Firette Cathy Noseworthy
Firette Noelle Tobin
Firette Roslyn Sainsbury
Firette Christina Pickett
Firette Cathy Connolly