The Town of Pouch Cove is very pleased to provide a variety of recreational and leisure opportunities to all residents. Our Recreation Department is operated by a full time Regional Recreation Coordinator. During the summer season, our Recreation Department will hire summer students to assist with our summer programming.

The Recreation Department is responsible for:

  • Providing recreational programming and leisure services
  • Planning & implementing community and special events
  • Parks and playground rental, development and maintenance

Seasonal Programs

Throughout the duration of a calendar year, the Recreation Department offers a variety of programs for the enjoyment of residents. These programs include:

  • Fitness Classes
  • Computer Classes
  • Indoor Walking Program
  • Quarterly Seniors Outings
  • Kid’s Summer Camp
  • Adult Ball Hockey Program
  • Basketball Academy

Special Events

  • Snowfest Celebrations
  • Canada Day Celebrations
  • Killick Coast Regional Games
  • Mayor’s March Softball Tournament
  • Christmas Activities

Pouch Cove Recreation Commission

Our Recreation Department is supported by a volunteer Recreation Commission. Members of the commission assist the Regional Recreation Coordinator with programming and volunteer support.

Lisa Stagg – Chairperson
Rebecca Wall – Vice Chair
Danny Connors – Treasurer
Kara Connors – Secretary
Kim Jordan – Council Liaison
Rob Tizzard – Council Liaison
Rodney Clarke
Marsha Gillingham
Tracey Noseworthy
Pat Murray