Application Forms

Dear Residents,

If you are looking to perform construction work or renovations this season please be advised that you must apply for Permits from the Town of Pouch Cove. A list of application forms can be found at Ensuring work is authorized and completed in accordance with Town permits can help prevent issues down the road and will aid in maintaining order as we grow and develop our community.

Common permits for smaller projects that you must obtain before starting work include the following:  

  • $50: Demolition Permit
  • $25 + $2/m2: Accessory Building Permit:
    • Examples include domestic garages, carports, ramps, sheds, swimming pools, greenhouses, cold frames, fuel sheds, vegetables storage cellars, shelters for domestic pets or radio and television antennae
  • Free – General Repairs, Fence, and Fixture Permit
    • Examples include fences, decks, siding, electrical work, plumbing work, interior structural work 
  • Free – Site Clearing, Landscaping, Driveways, and Excavation
    • Required when using heavy equipment on your property
  • Free – Temporary Structure
    • Permission can be obtained to erect a temporary structure that will be removed within 6 months

If constructing or extending your home you will require a General Development or Extension permit with requirements that may vary based on a number of factors related to your property. It is also common for business owners, commercial property owners, or properties with pre-existing non-conformities to require Discretionary Use approvals before undertaking any development activity.

If you are planning any upcoming work, we would be happy to assist you if you give us a call at 709-335-2848. For residential projects, ask for Pam Wall, Acting Town Clerk. For business or commercial projects, ask for Brian Peach, Chief Administrative Officer.

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