For approximately 70 years, there has been a library in the Town of Pouch Cove. At that time, almost every citizen of the town contributed to the founding of the library with either money or labour; so the library truly belongs to the people. The library has changed locations, changed librarians and now offers somewhat different services than it did at the beginning but it continues on as a valuable institution in the community.

Over the past few years we have had visits from authors, student interns who gave computer training, weekly story hours for toddlers, a summer reading program, book sales, and most recently, thanks to the Town Council, an after-school program.

In addition to the books we receive through the Provincial Library Board, the Pouch Cove Lions Club provides a book budget that allows us to respond to client requests. If a book you need is not in our library, we can order it from another library in our system and have it brought in for you. If that fails, we can often purchase the book you need. We also have a limited number of DVDs and expect this collection will grow over time if it proves to be popular with our patrons.

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