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Forms, Permits, & Applications

All construction and renovations are required to have their appropriate permits. New businesses starting in the Town must have a business permit prior to occupying land or renting/leasing an area or building.

Application Forms

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Fees are assessed based on the type of work being completed and the permits required. For detailed and official information on application fees please consult the office but, in general the fee structure is:

Demolition Permit$50
Accessory Building PermitIncludes: domestic garages, carports, ramps, sheds, swimming pools, greenhouses, cold frames, fuel sheds, vegetables storage cellars, shelters for domestic pets or radio and television antennae $25 + $2/sqm
General Repairs, Fence, and Fixture Permit Includes: fences, decks, siding, electrical work, plumbing work, interior structural work  FREE
Site Clearing, Landscaping, Driveways, and Excavation Required when using heavy equipment on your property FREE
Temporary Structure Permission can be obtained to erect a temporary structure that will be removed within 6 months FREE