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Opportunities Map & Civic Projects

The Town is welcoming of new businesses and development whether small or large. From a 5-hour-a-week side hustle to developing a space for your large organization, we’re here to help.

Vacant Lands Registry

The Town is looking to compile a registry of lands that are currently vacant. The registry will allow the Town to identify potential sites suitable for development and work with businesses to find their next project or work space. By gathering property owner intentions for their vacant lands we can identify future possible development patterns and help both property owners to sell or develop their land and business owners to find sites for their work.

Please contact us if you have vacant land and share your sale/development plans whether currently in the works or a fresh idea and vision.

See the map of Vacant Lands. The Vacant Lands map is available for viewing here. Please contact staff for more information.

Civic Address Project

The Civic Numbering Project is an attempt to standardize and recognize the addresses used by residents and businesses in the Town. It is important that the address you use and the address we have on file match up. “Why?” you ask: emergency services like 911 rely on correct addressing to get to emergencies quickly. For businesses, an updated address can help customers find you more conveniently.

What do residents and businesses need to do?

It’s very simple actually. We kindly ask that you put the number of your house somewhere clearly visible on the house and additionally somewhere at the end of the driveway (like a garbage box). You can check the number of your house on your tax statement; if you have a ranged address (e.g. 12-16 Pretend Road) then select one of the numbers to display (i.e. 12 or 14 or 16), you can also contact us for assistance in choosing a number.

Numbers should be at least 10 cm (4 in) tall and be visible from both directions on the road.


(709) 335-2848
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Hours of Operation


8:30am – 4:00pm

After Hours on Call Line: 699-8696
Fire Department: 911

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