2024 Summer Camp Registration

Fall Programs

Metabolic Madness September 11- November 1

We have Kady Crocker back again teaching Metabolic Madness Monday and Wednesday evenings for 8 weeks. Her classes sold out very quickly, keep an eye for more upcoming programs with Kady!

Yoga with Barbara Murphy Begins September 24

Our Beginner~ Intermediate Yoga 4-Week Series features two class options per week and four different times.

  • Sunday morning- Any Skill Level Welcome1030am (4 Sundays for 40.00)
  • Monday evening—-Intermediate 6pm (4 Tuesdays for 40.00)
  • Tuesday lunchtime—-Beginner 12 noon (4 lunchtimes for 40.00)
  • Friday evening—-Intermediate yoga 630pm (4 Fridays for 40.00)

Traditional to the Hatha yoga style, this month-long format offers the necessary amount of time to build a healthy Yoga practice. It will provide you with a greater understanding of the practice of Yoga and how it can improve your overall health.

Beginner: Has never practiced Yoga
Intermediate: Has practiced Yoga and has a general understanding of various Asanas or poses.

Email: [email protected] – registration now open! 40.00 fee for 4 classes or 80.00 to attend 2x per week for four weeks.

  • Series 1 will run the week of September 24- October 20
  • Series 2 will run the week of October 22- November 17
  • Series 3 will run the week of November 19- December 15

Kid’s Painting Classes with Lesley Janes October 16- November 27

Lesley Janes is offering 1 hour painting lessons for school aged children, Monday nights in Pouch Cove. The classes will be held on October 16, 23, 30th and November 20th and 27th. Please wear clothes that are comfortable and ok to get paint on! Children will complete an 8×10 project every class!

Email: [email protected] – registration now open! 50.00 for 5 classes.

Wednesday Morning Baby Group September 13 – December 20

Parents and babies can come socialize and play from 11am on Wednesday mornings at the Stiles Cove Chalet. There is no cost to participate!

Saturday Morning Kids Playgroup September 23 – December 16

On Saturday mornings from 10-12, please bring your kiddos to play in an open gym environment at Cape St Francis Elementary. There is no cost to participate and we have lots of different toys for kids to enjoy. Donations to the local foodbank are encouraged!

Events and Community Projects

If you have any questions, or have events for the holiday newsletter please reach out to Charlotte at [email protected]

Our next newsletter will be published in June and include July and August events, including details on Pouch Cove Days!

Ongoing Call for Instructors

As we move into the fall and holiday season in Pouch Cove, we would like to remind residents that we are interested in hearing from local instructors and practitioners interested in facilitating workshops and courses locally (dance, yoga, art, theatre, computer skills, resume building etc.)