2024 Summer Camp Registration

Summer Camp 2024

Welcome to Pouch Cove Summer Camp 2024!

This summer, join the Town of Pouch Cove for a fun and active program of sports, art, games, STEM, and adventure!

Our summer camp program contains two sections of day camp.  We are offering the Capers Camp for ages 5-9 (must have completed kindergarten) as of July 2 and Junior Killick Camp for ages 10-13 as of July 2. These full day structured day camps offer a great mix of activities and are designed to be age appropriate and stimulating, with variety in activities from week to week. 

The day camps will also offer extended hours for families that would benefit from them, with the possibility of extended drop off starting at 7:30am and pickup extended until 5:30pm. The cost for the extended drop off and pick up is $20 per family per week. Camp registration is $115/week, payable through e-transfer.


For all EMT, we require camper’s name, telephone number, parent’s name, and the weeks that you are registering for listed clearly in the memo/comment section of the transfer. Registration is complete once we have received both payment and the online registration form. Payment arrangements can be made by reaching out via email to [email protected]. Registration will not be held if we have not received payment or you have not made a payment arrangement by 4pm on May 15th. We also accept debit, VISA, and Mastercard at the town office: 660 Main Road between 830-4pm. We want to make sure that campers are able to attend! If you have payment questions, please do not hesitate to email [email protected].

Details of the Day Camps

Capers Camp

Ages: 5-9
Location: Chalet on Satellite Road
Weeks Available:
July 2-5 ** No camp on Canada Day!
July 8-12
July 15-19
July 22-26
July 29- August 2
August 5-9
August 12-16
August 19-23
Cost Per Camper: $115/week
Early Drop off/late pickup fee: $20 per week as a flat rate per family
Description: This camp is a fun, structured program of STEM, Arts, play, sports, and field trips.  There will be a focus on teamwork and fun in this camp, with time everyday for physical activity and outdoor time.

Junior Killick Camp

Ages: 10-13
Location: Ball Field and Cape St Francis Elementary Satellite Road
Weeks Available:
July 2-5 ** No Camp on Canada Day!
July 8-12
July 15-19
July 22-26
July 29 – August 2
August 5-9
August 12-16
August 19-23
Cost Per Camper: $115/week
Early Drop off/late pickup fee: $20 per week as a flat rate per family
Description: This camp gives kids a solid introduction to the sports from the killick coast games, has a community volunteering component, includes outdoor exploration and play, and has an environmental focus.  It also includes STEM, arts and crafts, and summer fun. 

Camp Frequently Asked Questions:

What does my camper need for camp?

Their own bottle of high SPF sunscreen, a hat, running shoes, a light coat, a bathing suit, a towel, a packed lunch, healthy snacks, a full water bottle, and appropriate summer clothing.

When does camp take place?

July 2 – August 23, Monday through Friday with programming from 8:30-4:30 with extended pickup and drop off possible, starting at 7:30am and 5:30pm.

Where is camp being held?

The Capers Camp will be held at the Stiles Cove Chalet on Satellite Road. The Junior Killick Camp will be held at the Stiles Cove Softball Field and at Cape St Francis Elementary. 

What ages are included in the day camps?

The Capers Camp is for ages 5-9 and the Junior Killick Camp is for ages 10-13. All participants must have at least completed kindergarten in order to attend.

What is the cost?

$115/child per week of camp

When is payment due? 

At time of registration and must be received by May 15th to complete your registration. If no payment or no payment arrangement has been made by the 15th, your registration will be void and the spot will become open to people on the waitlist. It is possible to make a payment arrangement to break your registration cost into multiple payments. Please contact [email protected] to make your payment arrangement.

How do we register?

Online, here on the Town of Pouch Cove website. The “register now” option will appear on Monday, May 13th at 830am. If you have any questions or difficulties with registration, please email [email protected]

Is camp refundable/can I get a refund if we miss days?

A refund will only be given with written medical documentation that states the participant will not be able to participate in the program again. Refunds will not be given be given for individual missed days or other absences. The Town of Pouch Cove reserves the right to refuse a refund due to removal because of behavioural concerns.   No refunds will be issued due to changes in plans or travel. Registration is your commitment that you will be paying the full amount for the weeks that you are reserving.

Are cellphones/technology allowed at camp?

Electronics are not permitted during camp programming and cellphones should be used for emergency purposes only. Camp has a lot of outdoor play, water-based activities, movement, and hot days which all can result in the loss, damage, or destruction of electronics. We highly recommend these do not come to camp and campers will be asked to leave them in their backpacks. 

I have more questions, who can I ask?

Please reach out to [email protected] between May and June 30th with any camp related questions. For payment questions, please contact our finance department by emailing [email protected] During camp, if a question comes up, please feel free to ask the head counsellor or email [email protected]

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